I was joking that my clothes shopping needed to come to an end. It has.

Spawn rolled the car this afternoon. He was less than 10 miles from picking me up. He’s got a test coming up and he was mentally there and not on the road. He drifted, over-corrected and did a complete roll over.

He’s okay. Scrapped knee and elbow. A head full of glass. The car… I don’t know how he lived. The roof is crushed. He landed in trees. It took 2 trucks to pull the car out. There are TREES in my car.

As I have the minimum of car insurance – property damage, meaning someone ELSE”S property – I will not get the value of thecar or a rental. My parents are coming up in the morning. between what he had saved up for a vehicle, if I can get a small loan from my credit union, we’ll purchase a replacement and just share it I guess.

I have pictures, but they are grainy as they were taken at night. THe guy who towed it took pictures and will sent them to me when he gets his phone charged up.

You know, when I’m doing something right, Satan goes after my vehicle. He always has. This time, he went after my son and I’ll take him out for that! My son belongs to Almighty God, and Satan can’t touch him!