Which I have been. I know. I know there is one person roaming my wordpress who deserves a response and I’ve not given one yet and I apologize. My week has been rather horrid and right now, I’m just trying to cope.

This helps me cope.


I went to lunch this afternoon, to discover my driver’s front tire was showing steel. I need a front-end alignment and don’t want to waste money on a new tire until I can get it done. (This would mean next pay day) I called Spawn to look for used tire places and not only did he find one, he paid to have it put on and took me to dinner. He said I’m stressed enough. Hopefully, next weekend, I can get the front end alignment done and start replacing tires. That was stress I didn’t need.

It is abundantly clear that my boss does NOT like the majority of her staff at this time. And she’s not content to simply let us go when we ask for transfers. Instead, she informed us we need to change careers and she’s appears determined to professionally destroy those she has deemed unworthy.

Which is the majority of us. It’s not a positive work environment at this time. So far, many have struggled to stay under her radar and it’s not happening. My son is worried, my parents are worried. I’m worried, because now my blood pressure has risen and that’s not a good sign.

To be honest, I’m furious that I’m allowing her this much power to do this to me. I’m not going to give it to her anymore.

I participated in on some retail therapy night before last. I feel much better.  Yes, I bought the pretty blouse.

Sequenced top

Of course, I discovered that THIS color won’t ship until mid- December. Joy. I also broke down and bought the damn blazer.

Boyfriend Blazer

But I bought the cutie patootie shoes!


and I got some brown slides


because this


and this

Kyra tunic

And the brown jeggings will look nice with the sequenced blouse when it finally arrives.

I also got this…

Split back sweater

it’s light blue and it’s split up the back meaning I’ll have to wear a white chemise under it and that’s okay.

I struggled with this, but in the end I decided to forgo these…

thigh his

Even with the pirate jacket, I don’t think I’d get away with them.


And no, I didn’t get the pirate jacket!

Considering the amount I spent ( I bought more than this) I NEED to say I’m done for a while. I NEED to.


000 shoes eawer



You stuck with me through this much. Have some Richard. Happy Guy Day!


Not Guy but still sooooo beautiful.

tumblr_m1vv5vkVD41qhwkl4o6_500tumblr_an7cw0p1f851si7vy2o2_1280gorgeoous Guyglamorguytumblr_inline_mjsiag2cib1rbjfcb