What a rotten day.

I broke out in hives last night around 8PM. We were at Starbucks because the internet was slow and I discovered I was STILL slow. I finally bit the bullet, updated my Avira and took off the Avast and the McAfee and now it runs all nice again.

But while there, I broke out and it was an itchfest.

Either way, we get home and I took a late shower, hoping that would do the trick. I put on jammies and went to bed.

Woke up a little before 4 AM covered from armpit to thigh in hives. Breast, everything. I woke myself up clawing.

Lucky for me, my son was still up and he went to WM for cortizone. I changed jammies, smeared myself very liberally (the only time you’ll see me use THAT word towards myself) and tried sleep again.

Woke up this morning just as bad in different spots. I smeared again, went to sleep on the couch.

Woke up at 2 breaking out yet again. Said enough of this shit and headed to the Doc in the Box.

Who asked me a bunch of questions that I answered ‘no’ to (new clothes detergent? Food? etc… no no and no.)

She asked me to breathe deep while she listened. I hacked up a lung. Her response – that’s some nasty asthma. Your lungs are all upset. Do you have an inhaler?

She then gave me a painful steroid shot (still hurts) and dose of pepcid AC (which apparently helps this stuff) and sent me on my merry way for pregnazone and claritan.

She apparently forgot to tell me this stuff will make my blood sugar go up. Thanks you, my wonderful pharmacist who DID tell me.

Right now, I feel much better. More myself.  While at Publix waiting, we found they’ve restocked (after a year) our favorite chili – Southwest White Bean Turkey Chili. Yes, we bought some!

Tonight, while getting over all of this, I whipped up a pot of Italian Wedding Soup (it’s okay, not great, won’t buy it again) and I’ve been looking at the new pictures of Richard. I’m VERY stoked about the new season of Berlin Station. I’m not so stoked about the subject matter. I’m really tired of politics and I’m tired of it invading a place the majority of us go to escape the real world.

But that’s a different rant for a different day and I’ll probably take that rant up somewhere different.

So RICHARD! Looking good, but you know it! Thank you for wearing those suit pants longer than it shows on the website. (It looks horrid that high. I don’t care if that’s the fashion, I don’t follow fashion. I would not let my son out the door wearing pants that high over the shoes!) Thank you for not cuffing the pants.  (Another fashion thing I don’t care for) Can you PLEASE let your hair grow out just a LITTLE bit?

18 sdertet



School tomorrow. With kids. Starts with my problem children. Hopefully, they will be in a mood to be helpful and then we can sing.