So after clawing my arm up (so it looks like I cut) trying to get OUT of being put in the carrier to come home, look at what my FatAss kitty does the day after we do?


And my son’s Girly-girl is seeing things…


she sat like that for 30 minutes. Didn’t budge.

According to Mezz, clothes are calorie free.

My love affair with clothes and heels needs to come to an close. Or go on vacation for a time. Really.

When I moved here a little over 2 years ago, my entire wardrobe – work and play – fit on a 4 foot motel rack. And it wasn’t crammed.

Since then, what started with a piece each paycheck, has snowballed into Buy One Get One 40% off, Spend$60, get $20 off, spend $100.00 get $40 off, or my favorite…


Which comes around every blue moon.

In July, I received a catalog of MASSIVE SUMMER SAVINGS! – and it was massive summer savings, because the next one that came out, the same stuff was ten bucks more. So I’ve tagged everything and twice, I’ve picked up a few things.  I had hoped to be done by November.

Except as I was packing to evacuate last week, I saw in small print that the prices in that catalog ends on Sept 22nd.  So I marked what I KNEW I wanted, gave myself a budget limit and decided on payday (yesterday), I would spring for those items and then be done.

And no, the items chosen did NOT include a blazer of any sort. Or shoes.

So Wednesday, before we returned, I discovered I had been paid (sorta earlier than expected) and was ready to do some retail therapy that evening.

Except when I got home and grabbed the mail, I discovered the following in my mailbox…


2 days only – next Wednesday and Thursday and going back to EVERYTHING plus the blazer, I’m still looking at being under my budget – that is as long as nothing is a name brand. I’m hoping my Comfortview shoes aren’t name brands. I love their shoes. They make them in aircraft carrier width…


It means I WILL be able to get this now!

Sequenced top

But not this

tunic 2

or this

Tunic 1

or this.

Caftan 2

(Ellos apparently IS a name brand) Sigh

Either way, Sheri and I will be on Tumblr Messenger, virtual shopping together Wednesday night. I never like shopping alone. Join us if you want.

Here. Have some Richard.


y u so purty?