And I don’t think I have another long off until Thanksgiving, unless we get hit or side-swiped by another hurricane. So I’m going to enjoy this! I sooooo need it. My last two groups on Friday are hell on wheels and the last one takes the cake to be so young.

Here in the States, Labor Day closes the summer. We start looking forward to fall leaves and autumn smells, cooler weather…

Of course, where I am, we won’t get cooler weather until November! I’m praying for a COLD winter (well as cold as the coast can get) similar to the one we had my 1st year down here. It really didn’t get cold last winter – we’d have the occasional ONE day, but then it would warm up. Sheesh.

I have several things marked for possible purchase – Roaman’s sent out a VERY lovely fall sale catalogue last month – I mean, really cheap – tunics for half their normal going rate – everything in the 20.00 to 25.00 range. I’d be find, except my credit card is STILL up there and I’ve vowed to pay it down to off before I put anything else on it.  I had hoped to have 2 months to chip away to get the things I wanted, but I discovered that in the small print on the back, the sale is over after the 22nd. Meaning my next paycheck and that’s it. Not including the shoes (which are the same price) and including that blazer I’ve been snarling over, I’m looking at 172.00 for 6 pieces. Really 112.00 for 5 when you subtract the blazer… for a 22.00 average. I’ll have to see where I am next paycheck. My raise should kick in and I’m praying my loan is finally paid off. That would be an additional 300.00 a month between the two. And yes, I’m paying MORE than the monthly payment on the credit card. I might subtract the blazer and get the 5 items and be very happy, even though at last check, the original colors I wanted were no longer in stock. Shit, my size might not be in stock by the 14th, so that will be less that I have to worry about.)



EITHER WAY! With Summer Sales going bye bye, Fall catalogues are now coming in. Sooooo this needs to go in the trash.


Need to make room for the new ones! Yep!

tunic 2Tunic 1Caftan 2

Okay the last 2 I can’t wear to work, but pretty much everything I’ve bought for myself has been for work!

Enough about clothes. I mean, I love clothes, okay? I do! I know you know, but I’ve actually come to discuss more important things…

Zee reads!!!

I didn’t do Zee reads last month because of reasons. So this is 2 months put together. It’s a pitiful showing, it is it is.

As stated earlier, I’ve been in a funk. Most things started haven’t been finished because I just couldn’t be assed. Nope. So this list is mostly couldn’t be assed books.

The Girl and the Lion

Couldn’t be assed. She runs an animal sanctuary. Is deep in debt. The only people seemingly willing to help her are wealthy old codgers who want her to put out for their patronage. She comes home was such a said offer, to find a black lion literally on a doorstep.

Yeah. Black. Lion. ]

He’s a shifter and he’s been poisoned. It goes downhill from there. Next.


Shallow Graves

Every trigger I have (yes, I do have them) went off before the end of the prologue. Couldn’t be assed!


Only a Mistress

This one I liked. Brother is killed in a duel, leaving his sister deep in debt. She does the only thing she can do – goes to work in a brothel and sells her virginity. Except the buyer, who is having a final fling before he becomes betrothed, takes a shine to her, realizes she DOESN”T want to give up her virginity and takes her home intact, to find her honest employment as a governess somewhere. Or companion.

Did I mention he was the one who killed her brother? And her brother was a shit. And they fall in love….


It is NOT an Ogre. It’s the blob. Really. The. Blob. Bleh. One of those I got about 1/4th of the way into and then skipped to the last chapter. Couldn’t be assed.

horse Master of Shanhasson

Don’t ask me why this is. The sex is awesome and that’s all I care about.  It’s a novella, so there.

His Wicked Lady

Ah geeez. She’s widowed and horney. He’s hired a matchmaker. Can’t be assed to meet with her before the wedding, has met her, not realizing this is the woman the matchmakers set him up with and thinks she’s  unsuitable. Women have one purpose and one purpose only and sexual gratification isn’t it. Spends every thought thinking about how important he is and how his work is so important and his importance is just paramount. Quit about 1/4th of the way in. Could NOT be assed.

Black Falcons Lady

Ah, the hated this girl has of her father. Don’t blame her. He’s a douche. Still… Couldn’t be assed.

A Rare Benedictine

Back in the 1980’s and early 90’s, I collected pretty much ALL of these. LOVED them, but only read the first 14. I am rediscovering them. For those who haven’t heard of Brother Cadfael, he’s a retired Crusader Knight, Welsh and has returned from the Crusades as part of Henry I’s army. He’s entered the monastery at age 60 as an herbalist and healer, tired of a life of war and as a sale-sword. He also has a damn fine mind. The current time is during the brutal war between Henry’s daughter – Matilda and her cousin,  Stephen of Bloise. This particular entry is the prologue, 3 small vignettes of how Brother Cadfael came to be where he was and how he decided to become a monk. Ms. Peters has another series, more contemporary that I have and I want to check them out as well.

God, I’m so boring. No life but clothes and books. And the occasional picture of Richard these days. Y’all have my apologies. 😦

guywill-you-marry-metumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgpdoor guy 01tumblr_mjpgpwpKh31rc01yjo1_500tumblr_mjp9qjDbsn1s82d30o1_500 (2)

God, how could anyone with girly bits resist that???