1 week until Labor Day weekend! (Spawn and I are going to Charleston for a daytrip to visit the Yorktown!) 60 days until Thanksgiving week, which I will be VERY thankful for, and overall 164 days left period end of discussion.

For some days, it’s been obvious our media center has had a midnight guest. We come in to books pulled off shelves, low lying knick knacks in the floor. Sticky paper was put down… to no avail.

This morning we come in and again books are in the floor, sticky paper torn up and tossed and we discover our little visitor in a back corner.

except he’s NOT so little.

I’ve named him Emmett and Emmett is a possum – or an opossum, but here in the South – he’s a possum.


actually, he more looks like this…


Before Animal Control could get here, he slid out of the hole we didn’t know existed and went through the pipe and is – as of an hour ago – hiding in the bushes in a corner no one goes to.

Fun times.

Spawn informed me we can either get a pizza tonight or he can roast a pot roast. Whooo.

I had something I wanted to discuss, but now I can’t remember.


Glad I got that off my chest.

Here. it’s Guy Day. Have some Guy!!!

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Enjoy your weekend!