Which is rare and never seems to happen ever. But I am. Can’t think of a snazzy, eye-catching headline, not talented enough to make a nice photo-shopped greeting.

I’ve been home today. Had an irritable stomach this morning – truth be, I’ve had it for some days, ever since I saw a milkshake twice last Wednesday. I chalk it up to stress and continue on, but this morning, my stomach decided to revolt while I was doing 70 down a major highway. Needless to say, work didn’t happen, and I turned around and came home to some plain oatmeal and water. So not fun.

But I’ve been here, watching webshot after webshot of beautiful things created for – and the charity auction as well and I’m feeling mighty puny at this time.

So for what it’s worth:

Dear Richard – I hope your day was wonderful and I hope your evening is superb. There are no calories on one’s birthday. I hope your coming year is everything you pray and hope it will be. There are awesome people you don’t know who love you muches. I’m one.