Such a lovely thing… and yet again I’m flat broke! Ah Richard! Why couldn’t you have been born on PAYDAY????

Guylty Pleasure

It’s that time of year again! Our favourite actor’s birthday is coming up, and as in previous years, I would like to follow Richard’s suggestion that we give to charity instead of investing money in a present for him. It is a lovely thought – both in terms of his followers wishing to shower him in gifts, as well as of Richard to channel those gifts into much-needed donations. A fundraising auction is the perfect middle ground – a #CelebRAtionWithPurpose, benefitting a charity with the proceeds, while honouring Richard’s suggestion. Added bonus: You can do good and get something material back in turn: fan items. Lots of winners – a charity, the birthday boy who is being honoured with donations in his name, a fandom to show its kindness, and generous auction winners who receive fan memorabilia in return.

The current charity initiative comes off the back of our combined…

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