Cardiac hearty stuff behind the cut…

Well, the good news is, that valve is plugging away. Yay. The bad news is, his right lower ventricle is really big again, compared to the size of it in 2007, meaning the valve isn’t plugging as well as it should be. We are scheduling an MRI before the end of the year (hopefully around Thanksgiving) and they will test to see if he’s a candidate for the lesser invasive valve replacement. (Catheter either through the groin on neck.) They are hearing a murmur in the top right hand side of his heart. Very faint.

The doctor told him to lose 20 pounds, told me to get my blood sugar under control (wha?)

We got in VERY late last night and was up REALLY early this morning and dealt with early morning rush hour (hell) traffic around Emory (Super Hell) and then afternoon traffic and construction coming home (Hell hath no fury.) I’m in no mental place to pack up and head home, so my behind is planted here. I think I’ll go take a nap.

Here. Have some Richard.

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