It has occurred to me that my mood has been fowl for a week or so and this bothers me. I’m off meds and stuff, so perhaps I should get back on them. Other things as well, things beyond my control, has contributed to it.

I was sickened by this weekend’s shenanigans in Virginia. I don’t HAVE cable or television, so I was not aware until Sunday what was going on. Really late Saturday. Β I don’t consider Tumbler as a reputable place for news and neither is Facebook or Twitter. Regardless, there is a time and place for everything and fists and cars is not freedom of speech. I’m not condoning anything that happened this weekend – from either side!

Well, the Silent March for Peace by the local clergy. That, I condone.

I’m just at a total loss for words. I could break out into a windy discourse, but I… can’t. I won’t. I would meander too much.

I’ve consoled myself with a bit of retail therapy. I’m starting to think i MIGHT have a problem.

For some odd reason, car insurance is jumping up drastically in Georgia. I don’t know why. Mine has doubled since October 2015 and no one is taking new policies. All of my family members are sky-rocketing as well. And that’s all insurance companies, not just mine.

So with my car insurance doubling and my rent going up and Michael returning to school… the belt is getting ready to get tightened.

Oh. We are going into the Interior tomorrow evening until Thursday. He has a cardiologist appointment in Atlanta. That valve that was replaced in 2004, only had a 10 year warranty and in the past, has proven difficult to get a good bead on through normal testing. He’s very nervous. I’m upset because he’s nervous. Prayers and good thoughts for safe travels and easy access would be appreciated.

I don’t know about you, but I could use some Mancandy. Enjoy.