Seriously, this is a massive rant behind the cut.

Today I had THREE fights break out in one class – yeah that would be the grade level last year that was hell on wheels – and all 3 were started by the same kid. He went out and when one of his buddies went to let him back in, I put HIM out. I’m DONE with this group.

It was confirmed in the last 2 weeks that my boss is cray cray. Completely. She even says so, so it’s no secret.

The late afternoon before we returned to work, I got a text from my department chair telling me to check my email before I came in in the morning. I make it a habit NOT to check my work email while I’m on vacation, but I did. The boss decided that we dress professionally at ALL times, meaning we were to come in in work clothes for preplanning and not jeans and tees like the rest of the system! And then there was a blurb at the end that professional dress included – a black or navy business jacket.

It’s fucking 99 degrees. I don’t OWN a jacket, I’m not BUYING one and I sure as hell ain’t going to unpack and rearrange my room in one! But otherwise, I”m in professional dress. Pain in the ass.

Our 3+ hour faculty meeting consisted of one hour of grade level stuff that didn’t pertain to me. I’m sitting along with the rest of my department in the back, reading a book on my kindle, and then we get a 90 power point presentation on our ‘new dress code’ that was recommended by our new superintendent. It was – black business suit with black close toed shoes. White or cream blouse. Clear nail polish. NO color. Men are even MORE stringent. Down to the color of their ties and the color of our socks. Worn at ALL times. According to my boss, we just got paid, we’re rich, we can afford this.

I’m sorry, but does she pay my bills? Rent, utilities, food, had just come out of this check and I was down to under 50.00! We’re all looking at each other like – this can’t be! She then goes on that we can be fashionable at home and if we don’t want to buy a bunch of outfits, then we can buy the one and just wash and wear it every day.

After the 90 minute power point presentation on what to wear to teach in and all of us texting each other asking if she had lost her fucking marbles – we then got to watch Youtube presentations on our – yes, OUR – required reading. Apparently she’s putting us all on veggie diets and we’re going to change our lifestyles – because healthy teachers come to work EVERY day. She’s pushing for a 100% attendance for teachers AND students!

I’m thinking – you can dream on! Spawn has a cardiologist’s appointment in the interior next week. We’re gonna be out for 2 days!

ANYWAY, when we’re finally allowed out, I check my mail – and sure enough she’s forwarded the email she got supposedly telling us we are getting this new, ridiculous dress code. Folks, I worked for one of the largest law firms in the south for 3 years – attorneys that included a former governor and 2 State Senators. We represented several FEDERAL senators and congressmen!!! And an Olympic Committee! THEY didn’t dress this rigid!

So I’m looking at the forwarded email and no it does NOT say the workforce is to dress this way – the ADMINISTRATION is to dress this way FOR BUSINESS MEETINGS at the County Board! I”m not the only one who sees this and we’re all buzzing. Before we left, we get an intercom announcement, reminding us to be in our business suits come Monday.

Most are. Not me. I’m in black and white, but by God, I’ve spent HUNDREDS of buckies since January on a work wardrobe and I sure as hell ain’t going out and buying more clothes to wear. I don’t have a washer or dryer, I’m NOT going to the laundry mat every night for a dress code, that quite frankly, she can’t enforce!  I have a county wide department meeting – everyone is in jeans, including the head of THAT department – but me!

I get back to my site to another 3 hour meeting, where my boss is now having a meltdown. Apparently 80% of her teachers are wonderful and following orders. However the other 20% – she obviously made a mistake in hiring them. We are mean, belligerent, nasty… this was bullying at its finest. Verbal Abuse! I was called every name in the book but a white chick. (And no, she didn’t mention names) We were then informed that this was our ‘uniform’ – the cafeteria staff has a uniform, the custodians have a uniform. This is our uniform. Stop bucking her and get on board. Oh and turn off your phones! That’s rude! Also, forget ANY dress down days!

When she showed more of the diet youtubes, I snuck out the back. Along with 75% of the staff.

The next day, pretty much everyone showed up in their black business suits. But me. I showed up in black and white wide legged pants and a white cotton blouse that looks like a tee, but isn’t. It has a lovely lace inset up the back. Okay, it’s a white tee with a lace inset… I stayed to myself down in my room, so no worries, but then we had open house. I don’t HAVE a black suit, a jacket of any kind, so I wore my lovely turquoise and white maxi dress with the turquoise jacket. And new white gladiator sandals. I was spiffy.

I was standing out front with several others who were DYING in their business suits – when our boss comes back from her meeting and says – you look so lovely. I’ve been riding you hard, so tomorrow, no meetings. You can work in your room!

I’m grateful for this because I don’t have chairs set up. And I take her at her word and show up in jeans in a  beautiful floral blouse that I got a shit load of compliments on.


That one.

however just after lunch, we’re informed that the state has sent the guy who goes over how to report suspected abuse. I’m like – I’ll hide in the back, this doesn’t take 30 minutes.

However, she interrupts him and goes on a 90 minute tirade (also demands I take a seat up front) about people bucking her on the OFFICIAL DRESS CODE – this is our UNIFORM PEOPLE and then ranted about how she kept everyone but one person from getting a transfer.

15 people asked for transfers last year. 15. That tells you something, eh? And she blocked 14.

She then starts up the name calling again, the nastiness and proceeds to tell the guy from the state, this isn’t our protocol, we are to do it differently. (So differently, my ass would be hauled into court and I would lose my license if we did it that way)

By this time, I’m pretty fed up with the uniform comments, as are my co workers. I had a uniform when I worked fast food. I had a uniform when I worked at WalMart. I had a uniform when I worked at a gas station. They were PROVIDED for me and I’ve always equated uniforms with blue collar jobs – which I am not. Nothing wrong with blue collar workers, but I’m not one.

I was going to be a bitch, but after discussion with my cohorts, we decided this was just another one of her ocd moments and by next week, things would calm down. I wore dress black pants and a white square neck top, along with beige closed toed heels and a lovely grey and black long beaded necklace. I looked spiffy. My cohorts in their business suits were sweating like pigs before the first child arrived.

We were praised about how professional we looked. The next day, I wore my black and white maxi dress. That sucker is frickin’ heavy. It is decided quietly to start adding a little color on Monday.

Except me.


And one of my cohorts – who wore a baby blue seersucker blazer with an orange bowtie and stripped shirt. Brown dress shoes. That man dresses as only a black man in GQ can dress – he looked good!

We standing our ground on morning duty and she comes on the horn – some people didn’t dress the dress code today! Don’t clock out, just tell your department you’re going to change clothes and go home and change.

I live 45 minutes away. I’m not going home.

One of my OTHER cohorts asks – are you going home? No. I’m not and if she says anything I tell her to feel free to take it downtown and I’ll call my union and I’ll meet her with my rep and my attorney.

See, I looked it up on the county website. That dress code was NOT policy.

She then emailed us – PLEASE go home and change to the dress code.

Well, I am dress code compliant.

Around 10 AM She went quiet. As i was going to lunch, one of the paras stopped me (they were INCENSED at being stuck in this dresscode and they aren’t paid a fraction of what we make) and told me guess who has been called downtown over the dress code?

So we didn’t hear squat for the rest of the day.

LATE that evening, we get a text – at the admin meeting, it was apparently there was confusion over the dress code and that dress code was for when presenting awards and going downtown for meetings.

So Tuesday, when we’re NOW all wearing color (except me – I’m in black and white for 2 days for reasons) it’s bandied – who ratted her out? Was it a disgruntled para? Some disgruntled teachers? One of our teachers is buddy buddy with the head of HR. Or perhaps it was the county board member who sat at our school for 3 days and saw this first hand?

Who knows. But apparently, she was reamed well. I rather doubt we will have ANY dress down days for this year. Fine. I have a gorgeous wardrobe I’m looking forward to showing off.

She is not speaking to us, choosing instead to do so through our AP. She’s also decided that observations will be unannounced. She also doesn’t want anyone talking – ever. I mean EVER. It’s not going to be a pleasant work place this year as long as she being pissy.

As for me, I’m just trying to pack up my room and bring it home a little at a time. 2018 is going to come really fast and I need to have it all out and gone by December. This is not my forever school and when I leave, I’m leaving a LOT of gifts behind.

Now you know why I’ve been up in arms for the past 10 days. My blood sugar is sky rocketing again and I need it to cool down so I can walk. We’ve had flooding rain the last week every afternoon. Meh.