gotten up in the morning and realized before you opened your eyes that you were in a bad mood, a bitchy mood and nothing today was going to fix it and anyone in your path that day was a sitting duck?

Today, I am that bitch.

  • Spent yesterday creating and processing a form for a meeting that i’m in charge of, sent it out to the staff, came in EARLY this morning to print said form, only to discover that my team doesn’t have this meeting anymore due to reasons. No one told me, the team leader.
  • A pair of jean shorts I ordered in early May and was in stock when I ordered them, was actually out of stock. I was supposed to get them today, instead I get an email telling me they’ll be in in September. It’s jean shorts that I should have bought at walMart. I have cancelled the order.
  • A shirt I purchased arrived with a small tear/cut in the front. Very noticeable. I sent them back for an exchange and today I’m informed it is no longer carried (yes it is – it’s in the most recent catalog!) I’ve asked for an exchange or a retry.
  • Poured the rain yesterday. School was flooded. My shoes are still wet. We are expecting more rain today. At least right now I have my rain boots and my umbrella.
  • Yesterday’s lunch consisted of 2 little lite cheese wedges, 3 oz of almonds and applesauce. My yogurt was curdled. I hope today’s yogurt isn’t curdled.
  • My car insurance is doubling on the 14th unless I find alternatives. So far, that hasn’t panned out.
  • The only GOOD news is I have a light day today. Thank you Jesus.

Here. Have some Richard.