trying to keep my mind off  2 things

  1. I return to work tomorrow. Eeep! I’m not ready! Summer went too fast!
  2. I’m hungry. WAIT! It’s after noon! LUNCH!

Honest, I thought it was about 10:30 AM. And I’ve had my oatmeal. Bleh.

Praying I get PAID tomorrow. We scrapping left overs. We have half a tank of gas and no bread. I have 2 bucks in my bank account. It’s been worse. Earlier this year, we spent 10 days with .93 in my account. Of course, the pantry was full and I had 30.oo on a walmart gift card, so we did gas.

We are going to do something today that we’ve NOT done and it’s over due. We’re heading to the little local library. Honest, this place looks pretty dang small! So we’ll see. Spawn thinks he’s found somewhere to fix his Ninetendo 64. I wish he’d find the cords to his Supernintendo so we could play Castlevania III.

The last day we were in Charleston, we went to the City Market in historical Charleston and then trotted off to Morris Island to see the lighthouse. We’ve seen the lighthouse some years ago – I spoke to the only ghost I’ve ever encountered on the beach. I’ll talk more about that in a few.


We were here… 17 years ago. A hurricane had come through the year before and flattened the homes near the beach. I have pictures somewhere. All the graffiti is new.

Due to construction (and other reasons) we had to park what I thought was half a mile from the lighthouse. After combing a VERY SOFT beach for almost an hour – and me getting sunburnt in the process, it dawned on me that we were combing the Atlantic side of the beach and not the channel side. So we were way off.

We then forgot which walking dock we entered the beach on and went another half mile further south than we needed to. I wasn’t happy. I spent the majority of this little vacay lost. And getting a lot of steps in on my Fitbit.


Somewhere, I have the older pictures of that trip on my external, but danged if I can find it. To the best of my recollection, there was SOME beach when you stepped over the dunes. Quite a bit of beach, to be honest. Not anymore. There is none, whatsoever.

When we went in 2000, I remember stepping past the dunes and thinking – that lighthouse is leaning. It was on a visible sandbar and only about 50 yards from the beach. You could have walked to it, except you could see the undertow. I’m taking pictures when I hear – Miss? Miss? Something touched my arm and a woman said – She wants to talk to you.

It was weird because we were the only ones on the beach, or so I thought. I turn to see a very elderly woman – her skin was like parchment – wearing an aqua capri set and a matching visor. she’s sitting on a Victorian Park bench of all things. She proceeds to tell me that her uncle had been the last light house keeper and she had fond memories of playing on the lighthouse in the summer.

My son was getting to close to the water, so I asked her to hold that thought. I took 5 steps and called him back and when I turned back around, she was gone, the bench was gone and I had an eerie crawl on my neck.

When I told my mom, she said – that woman needed to talk to someone before she left this realm. I guess so.

I love gardens, but I also love desolate places and this is becoming a desolate place. This lighthouse will eventually be claimed by the sea. I tried very hard to get this lighthouse and Charleston/Sanford Island lighthouse in the same picture. You can see the Charleston lighthouse from there, but due to haze, it really didn’t come up.