So I go back to work Friday and I’ve not gotten a single thing accomplished this summer. My bullet arc for my Nanowritmo isn’t done, I’ve posted maybe ONE chapter of anything. I AM writing on Raising Nemo. My family room remodel isn’t done, I’ve got a HUGE hole in my garage, but when school starts, I’m going to fill it back up. I have to store my stuff before the move because the movers are only going to move my instruments. I hope. I SO hope. I didn’t make a single doctor’s appointment. At all. And we didn’t make it once to the beach.

it seems the only thing I accomplished was new brake pads, a new cvc boot and a 3 day trip to Charleston.

Such is.

Castlevania back in the studio!!! WHOOOT! Berlin Station – when does it come back? Spawn and I are heading back to Charleston Labor Day weekend – whooo hooooo! There is just so much to do there.

After a summer of yoyoing in the weight, I’m now right back to the exact weight I was when school was out, however I have lost a dress size. I’ve been power walking 5 mornings a week and somehow I need to find a time and place to continue. it’s still depressing, to be honest.

And now, some belated Man Candy.

tumblr_mp6f5vGo0o1sy6eqdo1_500tumblr_nadl68yiDM1tdl3uzo1_400yes-sirSunday beefcake Ben Godfre 060608ftumblr_mb29uez0nz1qc5k7uo2_250tumblr_m0q2shxzkp1r9rikgo5_r1_400body-4

There ya are!