Spawn and I are leaving within the hour to head a little up the coast for a few days vacay. He’s given me his old camera (and the battery hatch has popped again and we JUST had it repaired last summer. And yeah – due to age, no warranty! MEH!) So we’ll see how bad I really shake! LOL! We have a Southern Plantation and Gardens, an aircraft carrier and a early Southern fort on the menu. And the beach. Maybe. Rooms were either booked or uber expensive (Our cheap go-to was logging in at double!) So we’re staying an hour out. Meh. Just. Meh! It’s only 2 nights and we have a seriously full agenda to cram into 3 days.

So I leave you with seriously overdue ManCandy and Richard. Of course.



No Mancandy is complete without Richard.

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Expect a buttload of pretty pictures (I hope) upon my return.