I WILL finish this before I return to school! I will! I will!!!

I’m thinking Friday, Spawn and I will go have breakfast on the beach and then spend some time there for a few hours. Not long because it’s horrid hot, but I’ve not worn my new swimsuit yet and I’d like a little sun on my pasty white legs.


#29 – A moment that made you question if you could continue fangirling for RA.

There has never been a time or moment that I thought – Nope. No more. Not worth it. There has been times the drama in the fandom made me want to go to ground and fangirl in private. I’m sure there are those that wish I would fangirl in private. Tough Titties. There is the drama RA has intentionally or unintentionally stirred up. That’s called being human. We all stir shit at one time or the other. I have friends in recent times who have stopped fangirling for one reason or the other and I respect that. I simply appreciate his work, his work ethic, his talent and let the rest just lie. No, we don’t agree politically but hell. I have friends I don’t agree with politically and we’re still friends so I will continue to fangirl this beautiful man with what I think is a beautiful soul.

Will a day come when I stop fangirling for RA. NO! NEVER!!! Realistically? Yeah. probably, but that day is not today and I’m not seeing that day in the foreseeable future.

Here. Have some Richard.

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