Are there only 4 episodes???? I’ve binged watched with Spawn!!!! OMG! OMG!!!!! We need another 4 episodes…. 8…. no TWELVE Episodes RIGHT NOW!

Right! Fucking! Now!!!! Yas!!!!

In other news, both shoes and one of my bras have been shipped. Should be here on Tuesday. That leaves one more bra, one dress and a pair of shorts left. The bra should be shipped on the 15, the dress on the 28th and the shorts the beginning of August. Now to pay off the credit card.

Spawn and I were NOT going to go to Dragoncon. Nope. However, one of my favorite authors is attending (Jeri Westerson, she of the Crispin Guest series) and I’m thinking… this loan will be paid off next paycheck, or was paid off THIS check. If I take a loan the very end of August, my credit card should be paid off and maybe…

The thought though, makes my stomach turn.

And now… It’s Friday…


You know what that means…

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omgomgomgomgomg Trevor Belmont!!!