Next to last one, I think.

As I type, I am multitasking. The next chapter of The Shepherd is going up. This is NOT one of my favorite chapters, tbh. Hard to write, difficult to… hell, Guy is a Domineering Dom who in some ways is clinging to those OLD Neanderthal ways and Gen is being well… a bitch.

At least she admits it.


You remember me whining a week back about a pair of shoes I wanted, but they were out of my size, so I bought something else?


Well, while dicking around, checking the status (the shoes and one bra has shipped)ย  I went back and while they no longer SHOW the shoe I wanted, in clearance they had ONE and it was in my size.

Ah yes, a return, most likely!

Yes, I bought them!

000 shoes

Speaking of shoes. At some point, yes….

000 shoes eawer

At some point, probably

000 shoes lkuerwe

Absolutely not!

000 shoes awerr

And then there was this…

musical purse

I’m not so sure I want to throw down 40 bucks on a purse!

I have 3 weeks left of summer vacay. I sure could use an extra 6 or 8 weeks or years, but regardless… Onward we go. I have made some hard decisions about the next year and I’m going to just keep my options open.

Now – Guylty RA Challenge 27 – Favorite climax…

Well, I thought this one was good!


This one too!


OH WAIT! not THAT kind of climax. Okay

Well this one made me, you know…


made me go


And THIS! Well there are no words or moans or groans…


What is it about an angry alpha male…

Oh. You weren’t talking about THAT sort of climax either.


You know, I thought Thorin’s end was an excellent climatic scene.


The whole fight scene with Azog and then Bilbo… I admit when that last slide happened, Bilbo and I were Keening in perfect Augmented 4th Harmony.


I can’t.

Also, after everything Guy went through, even his ending was climatic and fitting.


Except Robin. Robin didn’t need to be there.

We’ve already discussed That Kiss in North and South. Really, I should sit down and watch it on my Big Screen Television now. All at once.

And last, but not least – I liked the ending of this.


Which yes, made me go


So, there, I guess.

Runner up goes to the last episode of Berlin Station. I just can’t get past…