Yep! It’s our birthday! The original USExit, Oh Say can YOU see, with our Damn Yankees and Rebels and Cowboys and Rednecks (who are really the finest people in the world, who would openly give you the shirt of their back and the beer in their hand) and baseball!

Need a helping hand? We’re comin’! Had a disaster and you need food, meds, bulldozers? We’re packed and on our way. Need a hug? We got ’em by the billions.

Don’t like our president? That’s okay. A lot here don’t like him either. We didn’t like the last one to be honest.

I can’t imagine living anywhere else. We are the freest people on the earth and yeah, we have warts and braggarts and problems and baggage, just like everyone else. But I love this land. I love her people. I love her shining seas, her winding rivers, her mountains, from the Blue Ridge to the Rockies. I love her wide plains, sea of wheat, her cities and her rural country. She’s beautiful. No where else on earth like her. And I love her people.

So today, Spawn and I are grilling burgers and hotdogs. We have baked beans and red skinned potato salad, Hawaiian sweet bread, and apple pie. And we have a mortar launcher and a dozen bombs ready to set off tonight.

So ya’ll come on over. We’ll throw another burger on the grill.