But o’ course!!!! LOL!

I”ve come to the conclusion that until the loan I took to add to my son’s car fund is paid off, there will be no more purchasing for the family room. It seems I pay the bills, buy groceries, lay aside fundage for gas and that’s it. I’m broke. Go figure.

Then again, that loan SHOULD be paid off with this previous paycheck. Or the next and I’m praying the couch I want REMAINS in stock and on sale. 97.00. Okay it’s really not a couch it’s a couch sized futon, but trust me it’s not really meant for sleeping on. I just want to be able to waller on it. I DO want to get the curtains purchased before school starts. They will start a week later here than I will, so mid-August. NEEEED curtains. I”m back to throwing away catalogues and deleting email advertisements. I needed a bra or two and shoes and between the 30.00 off if you spend 80 bucks or more and my 10 dollar reward, I bought 2 bras and a pair of shoes for 55 bucks, including shipping and handling. I didn’t get the shoes I REALLY wanted (out of my size and width) but I did get a cute pair of white flat gladiators.



I think it’s cute.

EITHER WAY! This still from Pilgrimage has completely lit a fire under my William Edward Muse.


Darkness coming up!

Oh-tay. Rambling over. Zee Reads.

The Mortal bone

Seems like everyone isn’t human by now. Hunter is rubbing elbows with demons, she’s done the thing her mother told her NOT to do – settle down and get married and not even to human or a demon but something else, She’s Queen of the Demon Kings, who happen to live ON her. And as she’s coming to terms with that, the unthinkable happens.

Her own father – who isn’t human – kinda sorta walks back into her life and does the most unimaginable thing.

Goofy Newfies

Novella. Free. That should tell you everything.

Admittedly, I popped this way up high on my reading list for one reason and one reason only. Newfies. Also, I wondered if maybe she ran across Raising Nemo and kinda… well… you know…. got to the publisher before I did. She didn’t. And it’s a cute little read with a really non-original title.



Falcon Ridge

3 Cowboys. 1 Girl. Dream come true, right?

You know, it was choppy, things left out, almost like a quickly written rough draft. Things that didn’t make sense – like Cowboy #2 realizing the minute he met the substitute teacher, she was the one for him, both brothers and their twin sons. I would think SOMEONE in that school would tell her – oh btw the twins? 3 dads. Just a heads up. Really!

I had the same problem with this book as EVERY OTHER menage book I’ve read, save one. The believability and probability factor are VERY low. Only one time have I read a menage book that was believeable and that was Men with the Golden Cuffs. Yes, that author has written others and they’re pretty good, but when you compare them with that… everything just….

but either way…

Roan Rose

Probably one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Long long long time. Some years ago, I read Jean Plaidy’s ‘The Reluctant Queen’, the story of Anne Neville, wife of Richard III. There was a glaring error in it – she completely skipped Anne’s first marriage. But since then, I’ve been rather enamored of Richard and Anne and what really happened to his nephews.

This book doesn’t answer that and it doesn’t matter. The story is told through the eyes of Roselba, a young peasant girl, who lived near the estate of the mighty Earl or Warwick. Her mother was a healer, a wise woman and her grandmother had been executed as a witch for being a healer. Roselba is chosen by the Countess of Warwick to be a nurse and bedtime poppet for young Anne, who is 5 at the time. During the day, she trains with the local wisewoman. And of course, she has interaction with Edward IV’s younger brothers – George and Richard, who are training with the Earl of Warwick.

You know how this ends. She’s a servant in the household, she’s sent away, for reasons, she’s brought back, she travels over seas, comes home, marries, has children, takes in the children of her husband and her mother, after she passes. She aids a death or two. She lives, she loves…

and you know where this story is going. Her entire life is a sacrifice and I rather doubt the people around her realized it. I cried several times, I cried with her, I cried for her. I cried at the end. Even though you know how it’s going to end.

That’s all for now. Good night folks.