completely at a loss. Our world is insane – criminals thinking they can eliminate an entire group of people. For the record, no, I don’t think more gun laws is the answer. We have more than enough as it is. Before anyone points out the high violence gun rate in the US, let me remind you of 2 things…

a) Outlawing guns will only take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, leaving them with no way to protect themselves because criminals don’t follow the law. My brother is a police officer and he’s told me many times – Girl, get a gun! Learn to use it! Make sure Spawn knows how to use it and where it’s hid. A gun in your hand can protect you from anyone faster than a call to the police. It’s faster than mace. No, if they broke into your house, if they’ve threatened you, they do not deserve a fair trial. Your life IS more important.

b) if you remove the gun violence statistics from the 4 states with the strictest gun laws – that would be New York, Illinois, Colorado and California, our gun violence rate drops significantly, pretty much to the same level with the other parts of the world they compare us to. The stricter the laws, the higher the violence. I live in Georgia. Our gun laws are pretty damn lenient. One of the most lenient in the country. There is a city in Georgia that has a law if you want to own a home in their fair city, you have to own a gun. This means if you have a felony on your record or a convicted pedophile, you can’t live there. They’ve had this law for many years – before Spawn was born – and it’s been a really peaceful town. I hope when I retire, I can afford to live there.

There. Off my soapbox.

No. This is not open for discussion.

Normally, this is not my political spot. Truth is pretty much all of my social media has become politically free. Pisses me off, to be honest. But I’m not one to bitch-slap my friends.


But the shit that has gone on in the world this week, from natural disasters, to man-made disasters, to criminals with guns, I’m just ready to go home tomorrow and burrow into my wonderful hidey hole, clean house, rearrange my family room and try – I said TRY – to write. My personal loan should be paid off, I think and if so, my paycheck will bounce back up next pay check.

I think we could all use (well, most of us, sorry Jamie) some beefcake.

firemgreatkiltimages (3)images (12)sweaty-muscular-cowboy-holding-a-saddle-on-a-ranch

One of the books I finished this weekend was a 3 on 1 – Cowboys. I’ll tell you about it in a few weeks. Needless to say, I could use a cowboy.

Or a leather clad knight…


Ya’ll have a good one.