I’ve made an unscheduled and unexpected trip into the Interior. No, no one is sick or ill or hurt, Baby Bro replaced my brake pads 2 weeks back and noticed the JVC boot on the passenger side was in the process of shredding. That would cause serious and expensive problems, so Wednesday afternoon, he called me and told me to make the trip home this weekend and he’d replace it. 25.00 vs 400.00, I’ll take the 25.00.

So I came home for Father’s Day.

I’m so very blessed my Dad still walks the earth. I’m blessed he takes joy in me and my life. I’m blessed he stepped up to the plate and became the Father Figure in my son’s life when my ex husband stepped down from the plate and turned his back on the most amazing young man ever. Sometimes, I think I am the most blessed human being in the world, for real and my dad is the reason why, by teaching me how to live. I love him muches.