As most of you know, my parents were in an ugly car accident around my birthday in December. Their car was totaled, my mom and dad both had injuries. Mom has a bad back and it just made it worse.


The man who hit them was 82 years old and had caused 3 other accidents in the previous year. Worse, his car insurance was the same carrier as my parents. Their agent assured them when their insurance was topped out, his portion would pick up.

It hasn’t. It’s been months. mom and dad finally were forced to retain an attorney. Mom even signed off as ‘well’ even tho she isn’t because they can no longer afford to pay the copays, and the hospital and doctors are billing her. Mom will NOT tell people – this is a car wreck and you need to wait until HIS insurance company settles with us. What she did was make her chances of a settlement less.

The man was NOT charged, even tho he was pretty senile and has already caused several other accidents. We’re pretty upset about that.

This morning, Mom was picking up her mail and they get the weekly paper in the mail. There on the front page is a huge ass picture of a HORRIFIC car wreck just up the road from them. This SAME old man pulled out in front of yet another car, hitting it and another car in the process. Both cars were driven by teenagers – both were critically injured and airlifted to nearby hospitals. The man died at the scene. When Mom called their attorney, the attorney said, the state no longer takes away licenses. It’s up to the insurance company to NOT INSURE THE INSURER. As long as they can pay the premiium…

Mom feels that had his license been revoked, THEY wouldn’t have been in the wreck and the two teenagers wouldn’t be in a hospital in cricital condition. MOm is going to get a copy of the police report so she can contact their families so they will go after the insurance company.

I’m sorry he died, but he shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. Had the insurance company – or state – done what they should have done, perhaps a lot of cars wouldn’t be wrecked, those 2 teens wouldn’t be in the hospital and the old man, still be alive.