Da daaaaaah Duh da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Good morning and how was YOUR weekend? Mine was pretty good. I finally got the bookcase built and the redecorating of my family is off and running.  I need to decide if my next purchase for the room will be curtains for that big-ass window

Curtains 1curtains 2

I’m leaning towards the lower ones. The room is very dark and I think the bottom set will lend some light. The rug however, will be the pattern of the upper one.

or a couch. The couch will be the most expensive and if I don’t get it THIS paycheck, it will be mid-July before I can afford it. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting two camp chairs, but the price of them combined will be almost as much as the couch – which can do double duty as a (albeit not comfortable) guest bed.

couchcouch two

There’s only 20.00 difference between the two, but I like the 2nd (more expensive) one because you have those prop ups.

Of course, I also have to look at assembly (yeah, I have to put them together) and according to reviews that bottom one is a bugger to put together. I’ve tossed about the idea of just getting a couple of camp chairs, but by the time I get 2 or 3, they’re just as much as the couch.

I also have to get a cubby

9 cubicle

(I can get a 6 square cubby and I have the option of either pattern in turquoise and plain canvas in turquoise or any combination) These will be perfect for all these charger chords I misplace and my externals and other… things I misplace. MP3 players and pens and markers.

and rugs


I’ve decided on a 5×7, rather than a 7X10. Folks, I AM the queen of cheap. I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t have boo-kews of buckies to spend! Also if I got a 7 x 10, I’d have to take up furniture to put it down. No wanna.

But that’s what I’m working on! I should have done this LAST summer, but I was occupied, so we’ll just carry on, okay?

So we’re carrying on to day 26 of Guylty’s challenge. That would name your favorite costume of an RA Character. And I’m digging through the various costumes and I’m thinking…



He wore clothes?


I mean, I don’t consider a sock a costume, do you?


It look to me like he’s peeling clothes off…


no wait, he’s putting them on…. uhm…


no….off again.



yeah. Off.

Do you consider maybe… tattoos as a costume?



tumblr_nrermi7nOQ1sq1l2ao1_250 (1)

Ooops. No costume… again. How about…


Lee was slimy, but they sure knew how to … uhm… dress him.


The shorty Shorts!!!!!


Does that count?


Guess not. And what are YOU so prudy about??? It’s YOUR ass all over tarnation!


So the thing is, when I think of costume, I think of something more ornate than Lucas’s casual wear.


Although, I must admit what that boy does to jean, navy blue button downs and a black jacket is delicious!


Are those Krispy Kremes???


I would know those legs anywhere!!!

Daniel Miller dresses beautifully, up or down.


He undresses as well.


Gary’s wash n wear…


And I love a man in uniform!


or out…


But… costume.

Say what you want, Sir Guy knows leather and looks good in it!

tumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgpdoor guy 01tumblr_mjn27cx8ja1ql9ebno6_250a (2)

Even Sir Guy can peel it off!


tumblr_mjotcqTVkY1s2xkv8o1_500fAV GIF WERESDF

And it’s that pelvic thruuuuuuuuuust…


You KNOW we love to watch him strut!



Face it, that show knew what we were looking for. Sir Guy was the best dressed knight in the 12th century… even if that costume was technically…. wrong for the 12th century!

But who gives a rip?

The other costume that I took great delight in was Thorin Oakenshield’s. From his braids and ear cuff to his steel tipped boots, Thorin was every dwarf-maid’s dream.



from the fur, the crown, the armor, all of it. I loved THIS costume, in all of it’s glory.

Ooooh lookit this.



Do you see it???

I’m going to post this now. I’ve tried for over 6 hours. Between a slow internet and web pages that kept zipping out on me and not saving drafts, it’s pissed me off thoroughly. Such is.