My blood sugar yesterday was at stupid level. It was down 60 points today, but it’s still up and that means one thing.

I’m a bitch. Right now, I’m a royal bitch, tiara and all. Please. Discuss politics with me. I need something to chew on. Where the eff is my scepter? I could just beat someone.

I haven’t been able to walk since Sunday – thank you rain – so I went today. 100 steps into my walk, my Fitbit logged me out, turned me off and decided I don’t exist so I have to re-register.


I’ve reset my password, and it has my previous walking all there, but my vitals and such are gone and I am NOT in the mood to reset it.

top it off my MP3 player decided it didn’t want to get louder than amazingly stupid soft and I couldn’t get it up until I got home. So here I sit, with my MP3 player still clipped to my sleeve with my music full blast.

bitch. That is my name. I claim it proudly.

Want to know how bitchy I am? I just texted my son to bring me a water. Never mind the frig is less than 10 feet from me and he’s on the other side of the house.

Oh hey….


Herro Hooman? What you doin’? Aye sowwy aye barfed on yer bed an you hadda strip it but aye loves you an Hers won’t feed me can you talk to Hers an what cha playin’ can aye play aye can be fun aye just sit here until you forgive me….

So Challenge… Day 25 Favorite Character Prop

The easy out would be Thorin’s Oakenshield. And No I’m not talking about some kinky codpiece…

Well don’t you know it’s all about dat ass, ’bout dat ass


And leather


it’s all about dat ass


bout dat ass




and gloves


Yep. Ass. Leather. Gloves. I believe all of his characters have one or more of these consistently.

I also suppose now is a bad time to label this NSFW



tumblr_ng1ce3gwkG1rpwwe9o1_1280tumblr_mmzv8lbhkr1rwpb7ho4_1280tumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgptumblr_inline_mlxa19dmHV1qz4rgptumblr_mc0q6e1WAY1rohkmi (2)tumblr_mmjvwg9JjJ1qgrjvxo3_400tumblr_mmjvwg9JjJ1qgrjvxo1_250

I’m going to go back to being bitchy now. Somewhere else. Happy Guy Day!