Today will be a challenge. It was wet, overcast and after some weeks of ‘decent’ blood glucose readings (130-150’s) my blood sugar this morning has jumped to 268.  I had hoped to be able to deal better with a fish sandwich and a coke at lunch. I”m sure the homemade pot pie didn’t help. More water and an attempt to walk when the rain moves out I guess. It’s just depressing.

Actually, I’d like to just go back to bed.

Signups for the Of Elves and Men Big Bang have been announced. I’ve done a big bang since the conception in 2011 and as much as I hate to admit, I do not have a single bunny. Nothing. Oh, there are the two last installments of His Mine and Ours, but neither one would amount to even a 10K run as a mini-bang. I’m at a total loss.

So, let’s do something nice, shall we? Day 24 of Guylty’s RA challenge.

24 – What character of RA’s do you most identify with?

Unlike yesterday’s shocker, I’m sure…

door guy 01

This one shouldn’t be.


Single parent, educator, stressed. I liked Gary a whole more than I wanted to. (And I wanted to like him!) But as I watched his life unfold at the beginning of the movie, I kept thinking – I KNOW how that man feels. I KNOW what he’s thinking. I just… know.


There’s your feels for the day. I”m going to go lay down on the couch for a while.