It’s raaaaaaaaaaaaaaainin’ it’s poooooooooooooooooourin’ the old man is….

getting on his rainboots and slicker and umbrella and just battening down the hatches because boy howdy is it just unpretty!

Either way! Have we all acquired Brain on Fire? Hmmmm mmmm. I didn’t care for the book and i’m eyeballing the movie as…. do I REALLY want to watch it or just file it in my RA stash?

Regardless…. we have reached Day 22 – the character you’d want as a drinking buddy!

This is a no -brainer!


The dwarfs are party happy and you know as King of the Dwarves, ole Thorin is just the life of, right?


Believe or believe it, I had a second name come to mind as a drinking buddy…

door guy 01

I think Guy enjoys a good time on occasion.

tumblr_mc0q6e1WAY1rohkmi (2)tumblr_inline_mp2ioiCKQy1qz4rgp

although I don’t think he enjoys his party so much with Vaisey around


Things seem to happen when he drinks with Vaisey…


Am I right or am I right?