Day 21 and welcome to a very humid, needs to rain day on the Georgia coast! My kitchen is slated to be cleaned today, I intend to finish a 6 foot bookcase today as well and fill that bastard with books, what else?

And I have another entry for Guylty’s challenge – oh that which everyone else has finished but me! Huzzah!

Day 21 – What is your level of obsession with RA? Rate from Secret Admirer to Panty Sniffer.

Are you shitting me? You know the answer to this can vary from person in question (me) to outside observer (y’all)

Well I can be real honest and tell you right this second I am NOT a secret admirer! Anyone who shares space with me on most social media knows that! SHOOT! My students will tell you I am NOTΒ  secret admirer! Nothin’ secret ’bout dat! As my youngers will tell you ‘He’s Ms. Zee’s fantasy boyfriend. Fantasy as in make-believe. Just go with it.’ Or for the even youngers, when smacked with the intel that there are all these… characters…. Guy of Gisborne, Thorin, John Proctor, Gary Fuller, etc… The question ends up being – ‘Ms Zee? How many future husbands you have?’

So no. Not secret.

As for HOW obsessive, honestly I don’t think I”m THAT obsessive. I have people in my circle who are the same as me and I think they’re pretty sane, and I”m sure there are people outside of my circle that think I’m extremely obssessed and they can kiss my hairy, unwashed lily-white rebel ass.

So I suppose my best bet is to compare RA to my previous Celebrity Crushes. My previous celebrity crushes (there have been 3) were NOT my favorite actor. I crushed on them because in the case of 2, they were pretty and the case of the third, he did something for me personally (several times) that made my day. And week and year. And yes, this would be something one on one, face to face, and it didn’t involve the removal of any clothing.

Although, I must admit Karl Urban is not only pretty, but rather talented. And no, he’s not the one. I felt guilty perving on him because at the time he was happily married and had young children.

So how obsessed am I? I watched 6 episodes of a show 3 seasons in that I had blacklisted because the subject matter until then disgusted me. I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch Pilgrimage, but at some point… I watched a television show that I knew the answer to the question by the 2nd episode and had no interest in following through, but I did and I’m glad I did. I’ve watched, rewatched, torn apart for character purposes, the campiest television show I think I’ve ever watched. How on earth did that show last 3 seasons? I mean I’m sure EVERYONE was rooting for the bad guy to winΒ  I have shrineage placed not only in my home but at work. My kids know who this man is. My former suitor laughed about wallpaper. POP!Thorin goes places with me and I have an entire shelf on my dvd shelves dedictated simply to Him.

So you tell me, how obsessed am I?

On second hand, don’t. Have some Richard.


PS – I don’t sniff ANYONE’s panties… or boxers…