no need to read past the line.

My mom really pissed me off yesterday.

She walks into the room I’m using and proceeds to tell me that she’s praying hard for me to find that one true love to hold my hand when I’m older.

I’m thinking – what fucking century do you live in?

She and I have had this discussion over and over and over. I’m done. Really. I was done before Bill. I was. I made an exception for him and wish I hadn’t. It hurt. Again. Bad. I’m not doing this. Twice with Bill, my ex husband – who did I mention spent 4 days in jail last spring for ‘domestic battery and domestic strangulation’… and the only living relative he has is my son’s half sister. My former fiance, the Cajun Sponge. That other man who forgot to tell me he was married…. I think the only GOOD relationship I had we both knew it was over and the parting was mutually agreed upon. I’m done. So done.

For some time, Mom was happy to pester me – where was your brain when you went out with that one? 

And typically it takes – I’m not discussing this with you – again, ok?

And it’s over.

When Bill decided to exit stage left, I was quite adamant – that’s it. Got it? I’m 55 years old. I’m so set in my ways, it’s not funny. I don’t want to deal with this ever again. Ever. Never Ever!

And she’s been quiet.

Until yesterday evening, when she came into the room, leaned against the door and said – you know I pray for you a good man every night.

I told her to stop and she just kept going.

I reminded her my shitty experience with men.

She just kept going.

I finally let her finish and when she was finished I told her I NEVER wanted to have this discussion again and if she wanted to continue to pray futile prayers, don’t tell me about it and don’t be upset when I fight it tooth and toenail.  Don’t be upset by unanswered prayer.

I have books. I have a very active fantasy life. The last thing I need is some ‘real-life’ man making my life a living hell. Thank you no.

If you read through this – you were warned.