School is out!!!! I have 4 days post planning and Thursday, I’m heading home for 4 or 5 days. I plan on getting my brake pads replaced and knitting with friends.

Some time in June, Spawn and I will head to Charleston to take the small vacay That Man promised me last summer that didn’t happen. That’s okay. We’re going to visit some Southern plantations, the beach and maybe go back to the USS Yorktown. We very much enjoyed it the last time we were there. The Henley. I’d like to see The Henley. Even if it is just a rusted bucket of bolts now.

The rest of the plans for the summer is to clean out my garage and to turn my cave into a proper family room. That includes real curtains so the morning school buses and night time travelers won’t see into my cave!!! As well as a large area rug, a cheap couch and a cubbie cabinet.  Some throw pillows. Maybe a baseball game or two. Writing. Putting the notes for my Nanowritmo together.

I have not been good to me this week. Weigh in tomorrow will not be pretty. At least the boot is off. Doc said what they thought was a fracture is really a simply bone bruise and just in a painful spot.

Other than that, I’m simply praying for renewal in my spirit. It’s been a rough, rough year. I’ve not had a year THIS rough before and talking to my other teacher friends around the country, I’m not seeing a difference in behaviors. Friday night is usually our night to go out to dinner and then head to Starbucks for faster internet that won’t question where we go or what we do. I’m too tired. I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning and I’m falling over. I haven’t said much about this, but several weeks ago, I was attending a concert with my little ones and I have a sub for half a day. She was a retired school teacher – full retirement, with 5 years of administration under her belt as well. She told me if I had not applied for a transfer this year, to do so next year. No teacher should put up with what she was hearing from my children – the language, the behavior and no consequences. A year ago, I would have a slew of options at my fingertips – now, not so much. So I will be looking harder next year. I want to get to work on my masters – boost my retirement, even if it is just a few hundred bucks a month.

Right now, I think I”m going to take my kindles and call it a night. Start back on my RA challenge on Monday.

(PS – we saw HER among others. It was awesome!!!! My kids loved her! We brought brightly colored tissue paper and did the Dance of 62 veils. She came down to the floor after the concert to meet us! They were still talking about meeting her! And yes, they can sing the chorus to this!)