Got TWO shopping catalogues in the mail this afternoon. flipped through them and tossed them. I’m not paying THAT much for a bathing suit that’s supposedly on sale! NYAH!

We did laundry. YAY! 10 loads and 2 of the loads were double loads. Dear God, I spent almost 50.00 at the laundry mat. Of course, we’ve not been in almost 6 weeks. That’s never good. I asked Spawn why didn’t he tell me he had run out of underwear and he just kinda… looked at me. Apparently, when he’s done with one side, he turns them inside out and goes again. Same with socks.

Men. Yuk!

Also discovered the Mother’s Curse works. I found clean, folded laundry in the bottom of his laundry basket.

Just… please.

Took a dive on my ass at the Walmart parking lot. It was raining and I was wearing my plastic yard work fake crocs – those with no tread. Feet shot out and luckily I fell on my ass, rather than my face. Several people – including Spawn – helped me up and I assured them the only thing hurt was my pride.

This is a lie. My left leg is wrenched pretty bad from thigh to ankle. I’ve already taken several motrin.

On the other hand, I discovered you can get apple cider vinegar in capsules! That stuff will knock your blood sugar out of the park on a low rider!

OKAY! Time for more RA Challenges! Hmmmm #17 – character you love to hate – didn’t I answer this already? Percy


and William.


Snarky bastards I wouldn’t…. no. Just no. Let’s keep going, shall we?

#18 – 3 things on your to do list if you suddenly found yourself face to face with RA.

  1. Hope I have rope. curls 5
  2. Hope I have a big van nearby…

Naaaah. Let’s be real.

  1. Tell him how much I appreciate his work and the obvious effort he puts in it.
  2. I would then blush and stammer all over the place.
  3. I would then probably mumble how nice it was to meet him and then run off and kick myself for being a nincompoop and total fangirl.

I need sleep. Completely! Spawn says he has plans tomorrow…

The year I turned 30, he had just turned 5. He had me drive us to the restaurant he picked out. He placed my order and paid for it (with money I’m sure his grandparent gave him). He then carried the tray to our table and served me.

After that I was allowed to watch him play on the McDonald’s playground uninterrupted for 30 minutes. It was a great dinner. Yup!