5 to go. I have NEVER been sooooooo ready for summer. (5 with kids. 4 days of post planing. As far as I’m concerned, my room is done. So I’m just doing meetings and bringing my laptop to write!)

I know. I say that every year, but this year has been particularly heinous. I would like to do some retail therapy, but I’m staying strong. I’ve NOT been to any of the sites and all the catalogues were gone when I got home today.ย  Whooot. Go me. And love to my son.

We’ll see where I’m standing come Memorial Day. Hmmm mmmm.

Challenge – Day whatever… Name a character you love that everyone else hates.

Okay, so I don’t know if everyone else HATES him. I do know when the movie was announced to be released, there were those ‘fans’ who were screaming the part was beneath him, how could he taken it, what a let down to his fans, he was destined for bigger things.

And they hadn’t even seen it. Please. Kiss my ass.

I am, of course, talking about Gary Fuller. Into the Storm.


I rather LIKE Gary. Okay, I like Gary almost as much as I like Guy, k? I accepted the movie for what it was – a smash ’em up summer fun flick. That’s it. No Oscars or awards for this, except maybe special effects… maybe? Spawn loved it. We got free tickets. That’s all I care about. I enjoyed it. I like Gary.

I’ll have more to say about Gary later. Hmmm mmmm.