We are down to single digits! 9 days. 9 days.

9. Days.

I had a student tell me that I was much nicer this year than last year. I reminded her that their behavior this year was much worse than last year, so next year, I’ll be mean again.

You will NOT believe the hoops I’ve had to go through to remove 6 dilapidated, broken down, useless computer desks from my room. Honestly! You. Will. Not.

Little sister and niece spent the last 3 days with us. I soooo appreciate a quiet house. Really.

Day 12 of Guylty’s Challenge.

Name something you WISH would happen

I wish they would have released The Crucible to everyone at the same time, not made us wait a fucking year and a half for it. Sorry. I’ve lost interest now. Yes, I’m still chewing on that bone. I”m bitchy that way.

I wish all these wonderful movies Richard filmed after the last Hobbit film, they would actually release! Urban, Sleepwalker, for starters.

I wish I could have that fine ass in my be….



And now – ManCandy Monday!

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And there ya go!