We have reached Day 8 and I’ve been rather… not able to go forward. And I’m one of these anal people – I MUST go in order and I can’t go around.

It’s bad, I know.

Here’s the problem

Day 8 – Favorite/least favorite rivalry. Unlike many of you,  I’ve NOT seen much of Richard’s work. I take that back. I’ve seen more than some. I feel like I’ve NOT watched a lot because I’ve not watched (save the first episode each) of Strike Back and Spooks. I’ve not watched Golden Hour. I’ve tried. I have a hard time with the accents. I’ve not seen The Crucible. I talk about what I’ve NOT seen. Therefore…

My favorite rivalry is – wait for it – Thranduil and Thorin. A) It’s canon. Thorin gives as good as he gets. It’s not lop-sided and Thranny doesn’t walk all over Thorin.

My least favorite rivalry is Guy/Robin. Once I was on the Guy-Train – I wanted for him to beat Robin at his game just once. I suppose when Guy rescued Marian from Winchester before Robin could get to her would count and when he kept her from the Hangman’s noose, making it look as if she had escaped would count. But for some reason – and yes, it’s because of the way the show was set up, for the most part, Robin made Guy look the fool every time.

Until the backend of the 3rd season when Guy finally came to his own. So there.