It’s been a weekend and while I snarl about going to work tomorrow. I’m glad it’s over. I have 15 days of children left. My younger ones are commencing with testing tomorrow and my subject is testing next week. I have 3 concerts this week and the last week will be party city. 2 promotion ceremonies

Spawn has done his best to keep me busy. We were supposed to go to a festival yesterday, but my foot decided not to cooperate so I spent it home with my foot up. Today my landlady came by for yearly inspection. She was upset at the mess the roofers left. They assured her everything was ‘cleaned up’ and I showed her my recycle bin where they dumped old roof discards and cigarette butts on my patio and told her don’t go out barefoot because I’m STILL finding nails. I need a new screen door as I’m overrun with flies, and new linoleum in the bathroom and the light by my front door NEEDS attention. Lightbulbs last 3 day. Max. She noted that I had obviously done a LOT of work in the garage. I”m settling in. I’ve hung my Harry Potter movie posters and I’m discovering I do NOT have enough wall space for all of my pictures.

And then she told me my rent was going up in the fall. I figure I’ll have been here almost 2 years by then, so I expected it. Teachers should get a cost of living raise – state will announce it soon, I hope. Praying it covers.

Either way, Zee reads – I read 3 books this month. Not a lot, but nothing was a quick read and nothing disappointed. So few, but happy.


I want to say I picked this up in that monster download of Instafreebies I scored last month. The website made a mess of my email and I’ve given up moving the subscriptions to a quieter, doesn’t mind if I don’t visit for weeks at a time email and am now simply unsubscribing from author emails. That’s the problem with this particular site. Free book=spam. Granted there have been authors who have stuck to their promise – I send out a monthly email and that’s it, but I’ve had a bunch of others who send daily, 2 and 3 times daily. I can’t. It’s said – you can’t have too many books – uhm…. yeah you can!

Regardless, this is a Regency Romance, which will stop a lot of people dead in their tracks right there, but it was well written, enjoyable, light hearted, and like most romances of this genre – he needs smacked and gets it. Funny and his mother is a trip. She’s a proper hellcat and while his friends question her lineage, they’re wrong.

wild light

Book 3 in this series. Usually in a series, I lose interest at book 3. The characters typically don’t grow and it’s the same old same old over and over. Not here. In a gritty real world, demons live amongst us and things are getting hairy for the one woman who stands between us and them. She’s been in one spot for too long a time and settled with one man for too long as well. The Veil is tearing, the demons here are afraid of the demons over there, shit’s already been getting real and the little demon spawn she’s relied on for her entire life are getting ready to tell her where they came from and who they are. After the bloodshed.


It is said that Joan of Arc had a sword of strange and mystical powers; a sword that chose her as its wielder. When she was burned at the stake, her sword was shattered at the base of the wood pile, the pieces and shards and hilt scattered to the wind and seen no more.

But what if those pieces were somehow reunited and they chose a new bearer?

Think Part Tomb Raider, part Indiana Jones. Witchblade. Annja Creed is a street-wise archaeologist, who subsidizes her income as a contributor to the cable show  Chasing History’s Monsters. Her producer is young, more interested in ratings and skin, rather than the actual facts and has been known to alter her recordings, enhance her photographs, in order to sensationalize her findings. This causes friction between the two. Annja is on assignment in France, researching Le Bete, a suspected were-beast – who terrorized the countryside in the early 1700’s. Along the way, she acquires a medallion that isn’t what it looks like, crosses paths with some unsavory characters and pisses off a warlike monastery  that people have forgotten about, that still has a secret to hide.

I actually discovered this series back in 2009 and read the first 6 books. There are now 57. They were produced by Harlequin (don’t think pink and fluffy romance. They aren’t) and were written by an in-house group of writers. (which is why there were 57 books in 10 years) The last book was released in November of 2015, when Harlequin announced the series was done. However, in December of 2016, Graphic Audio announced they had picked up the series and would be producing new installments. So we’ll see.

When I decided I wanted to reread and finish the series I started over the years and when I did that monster challenge in 2015, Rogue Angel was high on the TBR list. Easy reads, enjoyable and MIGHT make your brain twitch. They say you can read them in any order, but considering the reoccurring characters (including the 2 men – Roux and Garin – who happen to come along with the sword) it’s probably best one reads them in order. Annja has a lot of background and is interesting in her own right. If by chance the series was filmed, Richard would make a GREAT Garin. Annja does a lot of traveling and I’ve enjoyed following her.

ManCandy Monday tomorrow. I resume my RA Challenge, as well. Counting down to summer. Spawn made the comment that we would not have the summer of love we had last year, but he was looking for things for us to do, which included baseball, beach and maybe a few days up the coast. I think he has the right idea.