So in case you didn’t know or I didn’t say anything and I can’t rightly remember if I DID say anything – it appears I have a suspected stress fracture in my right foot. The boot is NOT a fashion statement whatsoever and my students – especially my DIFFICULT students were quite concerned when I showed up today in it.

Either way, I have to wear the nasty thing until the end of school, so tonight I bought stuff and bling blinged it up. Bejeweled flowers and such. I be stylin’.

Yes, I know. Juvenile but let’s be honest – my ability to adult is highly over-exaggerated.

Spawn hath taken photographs. When he finishes his online quiz, he’ll email them to me and I will share.

Edit – Blinged Boot


Chances are likely, I will be VERY scarce this weekend. I’ll open with – a year ago today – and leave it at that. Not to mention, I was STEWPID and searched things I shouldn’t have and I know exactly where he is this weekend.

30 miles away. Softball game.

Either way, there is a festival tomorrow and Spawn is dragging me to it and then we’re coming home to raucous house cleaning because the landlady is inspecting (taking a list of repairs and improvements) and I need a clean house. Baby sis will be here next weekend. School is out and niece has to vacate the dorm 24 hours after her last final, which is noon Thursday. So is Spawn’s. I’ve told him to help some since he’ll be out there.

So if I’m not around, that’s why.

I have also imbibed in some retail therapy. (Of course.) I’ve finally broken the 10 pound barrier. I did 9 pounds in 3 weeks and then started inching back up. I’ve finally lost what I gained and added an additional minus pound. So yes, I treated myself. Again.


yes in that color and a pair of white jeans. I be styling. Trust me, you want to be my closet!

Day what… 7? Yes. Seven. According to the Church – the perfect number.

Something you’ve bought because of RA.

Now the vast majority of RA memorabilia I have has been GIFTED to me. RAPS, posters, pictures, Programs, flyers…

Pop!Thorin and his evil twin, Pop!Thorout. I have a stuffed Thorin. We’ll just leave it at that.


And there is more.

I have bought the required dvds and have movie stubs and such. I’ve not been so lucky to see any of his plays. I would save for the next time he’s in New York, however I have made the decision to return to college. I’ve talked about it enough, it’s time to get off my ass and do it.

And that will be expensive.

Either way, besides the standard movies, dvds, etc, I have made one purchase that while some would consider frivolous (my mom) I rather adore him and think he’s a cutie pie. He sits next to my bed.


And now…. Guy Day.

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Have a great weekend