I am a clothes whore.

Just thought you’d like to know that.

And now, on to important business. Day 5 of Guylty’s RA Challenge. Are you ready?


#5 – Favorite/Least Favorite Romance.

I’m going to ASSume this is canon. I’m rather partial to Guy/Gen and Gary and Deidre  but…. either way

My favorite romance is definitely –

1538948_421669027965055_211485509_ntumblr_mm1onhcUZR1rfpgq9o1_1280 (2)tumblr_mmau25jlmI1s6tkjeo1_400 (2)

I know I know let the snark begin. But I did like this romance. RA looked particularly mucho gorgeous at this time… and completely adorkable…


This was closely followed by


There was a scene where Francis mentions – she called me ‘Sweet Man’… broke my heart.

As for my least favorite romance? Easy.

000 tumblr_inline_mm2bc0VMZ51r8kkg2aaatumblr_ncs7htGNZF1sw03ifo1_400

I really disliked Marian.



There was NOTHING likable about this movie… and the ‘romance’ especially suckethed.

I’ve been watching the reviews for Pilgrimage. I keep seeing this word…

gore gore violence gore gore gore

And I’m kinda…. whaaaaaaaaaaaa? I dunno….

And there you have it.