I was going to do this tonight, but I dont’ think I’ll be home before 7 or 8 and I have house cleaning to do. Landlady on Sunday. Yearly inspection. I have stuff that she NEEDS to fix. Anyway


Day 6 and welcome to day 6 fiiiiiiiiiiiiivee golden toooooks…


LEAST favorite character.

There are TWO I cannot stand and as I’m not home with my huge folder of Richard pics, I’ll just tell you and add pictures later.

#1 – Percy Courteney. Or however he spells it. Just meh! Meh. Bring me the Listerine


And 2 – William Chatford. Damn, this character is so bad I had to respell that last name three times. Like Guylty, you kinda feel sorry for him at the end since his wife is cheating on him with the married icky doctor she was screwing around before and married icky doctor poisons him, but damn, the physical abuse… reminds me of my ex husband. Bad character. Bad bad bad bad character.

If you want a picture of William and his Mustache of Evil, (heh!) Go to Guylty’s and have a looksee.

I have a doctor’s appointment in 45 minutes. Going to find out why my foot doesn’t want to cooperate.