And we are counting it down at school.

What is it – the last few weeks of school, testing is over (unless you FAILED and now you’ve been moved into a different class where teachers will cram your noggin and you get do this again or else face the dregs of summer school!) and our kids have lost their ever-lovin’ minds. What started as an exchange of posturing outside the cafeteria, turned into a grade level brawl. We’re sending kids home. It’s unreal!

T minus 20 and counting.

So, Day 4 of Guylty’s Challenge…

Something you did because of RA.

Besides not keeping my mouth shut and leaving well enough alone? Naaaaaaaaaaah. Let’s try something else.

I wrote fanfiction – which isn’t anything massive, as I’ve been writing fanfiction since 2001 or 2002. I forget. 2002. But in this case, I wrote the outline and the bullet arc and plot before I ever saw the show. I had to WATCH the show after I laid it out so I would know it fit. Okay, the PROLOGUE was written before I watched the first minute of Robin Hood.

I’m certain you’ll be bored with the back story to that. Ask if you want.