OOOOOOOOH! I need to finish my Snowflake Challenge. How far did I get on that???? No matters! Beward the Ides of 19!!!!! Gives me 18 entrees to come up with a gentle, no so slap-happy way to say it.

Guylty Pleasure

A couple of weeks ago I gave a sneak peek of a shrine that has yet to see the light of day blog. You suggested that I only reveal the RAPS *after* the recipient has had the privilege of unwrapping it. *impatiently taps fingers* The package was sent on April 12th, it celebrated Easter in a warehouse somewhere in the US, and now An Post’s track & trace facility informs me that it has been delivered at its destination. Hooray. I haven’t had confirmation yet from the recipient, so I have to forego the reveal for the moment.

Instead, I have decided to embark on a new multi-day fandom challenge. Just to pass the time *sigh*. My attitude is positively schizophrenic. On the one hand, I am glad that Mr A is not dominating the Twitter discussion anymore. On the other hand, it feels as if he has gone the other extreme – no…

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