I’m gearing up for the end of the school year. 22 days. Can’t wait. Can Not Wait. I have a job next year, yay and I’m focusing on my summer project:

Yes. Clearing it out. When I return to school in August, I need to store my materials as the system is only going to move my instruments. Anything in my storage closet, my filing cabinets will not be moved, so I’m making space for all this stuff and when we move in January, I will commence with the return of the stuff.

Monday night, I sort of forgot about Mancandy Monday. We had excitement in our house. My exhusband’s rights were revoked when Spawn was a tentsy-fly. He’s had no contact with that side of the family ever. He’s been trying to reach his half sister since he found out about her to no avail. About a year ago, her social media went silent and I’ve discovered in my yearly background check of my ex that he spent several days in jail for Domestic Battery and Strangulation about the same time she went silent. You can take it from there. (I also found his mug shot. For someone who is younger than me, he looks mighty bad.)

Either way, Spawn has been throwing the net out to that side of the family. The name is very unusual – being from Eastern Europe – and Monday evening, one of his cousins, who was at our wedding – called him. They talked for an hour and she gave him a LOT of family history and information. The most important was when he told her – he was NOT looking for his father, as what he had found was not very savory. She informed him the family had cut off contact with him some years ago due to ‘his actions’. They haven’t spoken with his sister in some time, saying she was very troubled over certain issues. (The death of her mother when she was 11 seemed to be the start) And he said she sounded relieved when she realized he wasn’t interested in making contact with my ex.

And to hear his own family speak that way of him, makes me feel better about cutting off contact anyway.

But he’s happy he’s made a connection and he can find out about his family on that side. And it was very exciting here Monday night.

I’ve also had a little project going on here. It’s not done.


I have a lot more to glue. not shabby considering I’m NOT an art teacher!

Hoping to update Aside tonight. yay.

And now a little bit of vintage Mancandy. I know I know it’s late I’m bad.

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oh hullo Brock


Are we good?