Really, I should be ashamed.

Western Digital finally told me Wednesday night to take the external back to Walmart and exchange it – which I did! Came home and while I could get the thing to at least acknowledge on Disc Management, it was asking me to do a lot of things and then told me authorization was denied. I contacted the guy who helped me before and then saw the link that allowed me to escalate my ticket and they said I would hear from them in 24 hours.

I didn’t.

The guy I was working with finally gave me a phone number last night – said call them between 8 and 5 Standard Pacific (3 hours behind me) time and they’ll talk you through this.

So I called them today – 11 AM THEIR time.

And I sat on hold for 45 minutes. Every minute, a recorded voice came on, assuring me that my phone call was important and the next available customer service rep would be with me shortly.

After 45 minutes of this ANOTHER recorded voice came out and said they were closed for the day and to please contact them during regular business hours. The recording then offered to allow me to leave a message so they would have a foot up when they called me back.

My recorded message began with – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? For 45 minutes, you’ve gone on ad nauseum telling me how much my call meant to you and NOW you’re going to tell me to call back tomorrow? NO! Here’s my phone number! You people are assholes!

I then said a mouthful on their twitter.

And then I boxed the damn thing up and took it back to WalMart and got my money back. I spent the @200.00 for the external on stupid shit like – FOOD and now that my pantry is full and I still have the money I was going to spend on food free, I rewarded myself for not taking a gun and shooting said external or my phone. Retail therapy is very important!


dressdress 2

I really wanted these in burgundy, but they were completely out of the cardigan in burgundy. Oh well. This will work just as well.

dress 3

The totes were free if I bought 50.00 worth of merchandise. I did that with the above purchases. A girl just cannot have too many tote bags.