I treated myself tonight and bought a new external harddrive. All of my current drives are FULL and there are movies all over, so I bought a rather expensive 6 Terrabyte external – which will hold ALL the movies and then some and I’ll have room on my knit external and book external and cross stitch… you get the picture.

This external is the equivalent of 3 months of clothes budget. Yep.

I get it home, plug it up.

It turns on, Windows blings to say yeah you plugged it up and then… nothing. It’s not registering at all.

I tried a different outlet, a different USB port, a different cord, hooked it up to Spawn’s computer. Nope. Not happening.

So I contacted Western Digital and whined. The very nice person took me through a few additional steps. Nope. THis sucker isn’t registering on my computer at all. So I’m told  you know you’re going to have to replace this.

Fine I can drive back to Wally World. It’s less than a mile up the road. If there is no one at the Customer Service desk, I can be out, in and out and back home in 15 minutes. Tops.


They want me to MAIL it to them and then they’ll mail me a replacement. Turn around – 7 business days.

Most most most most unhappy.

Have some Richard.