Last night, I was bad.

Very very very very bad. really bad.

I went knitting last night. I’ve reached a point in my shawl with sleeves to where I’m now creating the armhole for the sleeves. Binding off isn’t the problem. Casting back on WILL be a problem. (I use a long tail cast on. So I’m going to learn a new skill.) I’m getting bored with the project – I’ve done 27 inches of a 180 cast on of knit purl knit purl knit purl. And you can’t tell because I’m using the biggest needles you can get.

EITHER WAY… it was a rough day, we had pork chops thawed, but no idea what to do with them so Spawn said – I’ll spring for Panera.

I love Panera. Really love Panera. But my diet does NOT love Panera. My diabetes does not love Panera. Because I love the French Onion Soup in the bread bowl with the French Baguette. And a Dr. Pepper.

You see my dilemma. Carb City. Also, the bread bowl is 26 points and the baguette is 4. Don’t ask about the Dr Pepper. So the two combined is 30 points and I have 33 daily points. Needless to say, I scarfed half of my extra points – the ones I typically use on Friday night.

Either way… typically after such a foray, my blood sugar sky rockets for the next morning reading. I expect it to. I mean in the 250 to 280 range. Bad. When we left the restaurant, I went from feeling stuffed to like a busted can of biscuits in 10 minutes. I had a bad bad bad carb headache by the time we got home. This is the starter of a migraine, so I took my Excedrin Migraine and crawled into bed with a book. I thoroughly expected to have a blood sugar reading of 280 this morning.

Nuh huh. 156. I’m shocked. I told our school nurse I’ve been ravenous hungry for a week. I ate 2 pounds of the almonds my son makes that I usually eat in 1 ounce daily increments. 2 pounds. They’re awesome. High in anti-oxidents and protein, but also calories, so I have to limit them.  School nurse said my metabolism is waking up. I’m treating myself better internally so I need to grab some apples and fiber bars.

156. high, but manageable. Beats 300.

Here. Have some Richard.