It has been a long, but wonderful weekend. My sister came down with her daughter and spent the weekend with us. Little Bit is going through some tough issues with her sperm donor at this time and she’s come to the conclusion that the man is poison. It was my sister’s birthday, so we attempted TWICE to go to my favorite place for breakfast and then go to the beach, only to end up going around in circles trying to find a parking spot and not succeeding. Saturday, we gave up even trying to get on the beach itself and ended up after 3 hours of futile driving a 2 mile radius, going back to the mainland and having breakfast at the absolutely slowest IHOP in the world.

We returned this morning, only to again- drive in circles trying to find parking and not succeeding. Our restaurant closes at 1 and we found parking 3 blocks down at 1:15. So we walked to the only other place that had breakfast that was open. They had a breakfast buffet and we got the dregs. But then we walked across the street and got on the beach…

omg. Spring Break. Obviously. The place was packed. We finally got down to the water, THAT WAS FRIGID FREEZING COLD and walked down to the south end of the island. we knew we were heading south because the water warmed up considerably the further south we went!


We returned to the main dragway to do some shopping and then retrieve our car, when I realized I had left my car keys on our table. We high tailed it to the restaurant, but it was closed. Luckily, the valet for the parking lot next to the building, knew the owner. He walked to her house and she came and let us in – sure enough, there were my keys on the counter. Color me happy and relieved.

Little sister and I discussed taking summer vacay together and renting a beach house for a week.

Then we looked at the prices. Oh well.

She’s also trying to talk me into getting a tattoo. Matching tats for the two of us. OF course, she seems to think we need to get tats in Welsh – or Scots – that say ‘Little sister’ and ‘Big Sister.’

Which I might go for….

We have 35 days left before Summer break. Do you think I’m counting? Damn straight, I am!

And now we have Zee Reads. It was NOT a good month for reading. I’m researching and trying to get a time line and an outline for my NanoWrit.

First, I have a weakness. THIS is my weakness!

leather clad peachers

Erm…. let’s try again…. I have a weakness. This is my weakness….


As I’ve mentioned, somehow, I got on the Instafreebie merry go round. I”ve spent more time downloading books and trying to change my email addy on these things and I’m not succeeding. Right now, I’m just deleting author letters and more instafreebies. The downloads are in a folder. I just can’t right now. I can’t. I figure I’ve downloaded around 600 books this month. This is stupid. Really it is. I have no clue what I have. Plus the research for my Nanowrit. I had downloaded research a few years back for something original I planned to do – this would be before Manna, which sidelined the project – and so I’ve decided, what the heck, let’s put it in a timeline, bullet arc a story outline and go for it. Being on a time crunch, I’ll have to stick to the bullet time line and not go off on a tangent, like I’ve done on Manna, and Rider…  you wouldn’t believe what all happened in Manna that I never intended to happen.

Either way, I had hoped to finish the story I’m working on and I didn’t… so, here we go.

Darcy's Ultimatum

See that across the top? They aren’t kidding. I got a chapter in and quit.

THe gates

I have started this book 4 or 5 times. I get a chapter in…. put it down. Another chapter… put it down… Guy is harsh, but not a demon and he’s married to Marion. It’s a business arrangement and not a happy union. The writing is blah. The entire thing is blah. I’ve given up. Forget it.

On occasion, while downloading my freebies, I get stuff like this.


Yeah. I have no clue. It’s now deleted. Note to authors – do not do this to your book covers. yeah, you have a cover and what not, but if it’s not obtained from Nook or Amazon, we get what you coded it. That’s not acceptable!!!


I finished this one! It’s the only book this month I finished! I have a SHIT load of her books. And I mean a SHIT Load! Apparently, all these family lines come together and all the books seem to be related. Reminds me of the Jude Devereux series of the Montgomerys and the Taggarts. They are all related and descended from each other.

I have this weakness.

leather clad peachers

fav gif

Tall and broad dark, broody knights who fight like demons and are feared by their men and enemies and loved by their women. They are rough and tough, but treat their lovers like the dainty things on pedestals that they are. Well written and the book satisfied. For real.

That’s it. That’s all she wrote and that’s all I read. Hoping to get more than 4 books down this month. COMPLETE books and not partials.

ManCandy Monday sometime tomorrow….