35 days until the end of the school year… Good riddance.

Baby Sis coming down for her birthday – we are going to the beach!

Niece is having SERIOUS DRAMA with her sperm donor. If he follows through with his threat this weekend (taking her car) he has destroyed and ended his relationship with his daughter and it’s his own damn fault!

Today should be a decent day. My last class has a history of not coming if they have stuff coming up their teacher feels they need to work on.

I gained a pound over the 2 week period that included spring break. I’m told that’s not bad and gaining weight is typical. So be it. I NEED to get back on track. I was SO close to that 10 pound mark. Damn.

I don’t know about you, but I need some Guy Day! Hmmmm???

1512691_424776214321003_2124588603_n11222463_1632115810377037_4455056553201975581_nfav gifguy1leather clad peachersmarry me

Yes. Yes I will. You want to head to the jotp right this minute!