and tomorrow I return to work. Time to get started on my information for end of the year testing for the grade level that is being tested (eyeroll) and so on and so forth. 39 days left until summer.

It has been a rather melancholy break for me. I’ve not been good to me, not like I should. I woke up this morning with a headache and seeing how I forgot to take my meds for 3 days, I was certain my blood sugar was up and it was. Could have been higher, but I’ve been better today and hope tomorrow’s reading will be down 150 points. I hope.

But my sinuses were contributing to it. It’s just… not been a great time. Blue and Broke. I should write a book. Yep.

I went adventuring. I’ll get it or I won’t.

Lord Thunderbutt has become immensely obnoxious. He’s also immense. On Wednesday, morning at some ungodly hour, he rammed my door until he popped through, crying as if he’d not been fed in a month! So I go to the kitty palace to discover food STILL in the bowl from the previous night. I rattled it and he was happy. I don’t put much in – just enough for the 2 of them twice a day. He’s gotten to where he’ll nibble all day again. This isn’t good for him.

That night, I put his food in his treat mouse. I put Widgette’s in hers – he won’t touch her mouse because she’ll spank him – and he simply refused to have anything to do with that!


Let me tell you, the pouting was fierce! This went on all night long.

I got up the next morning to a vindictive kitty.


This went on until yesterday morning, when I finally put food in the dish. He’s not been so awful since.

I DID get some house rearranging done. Obviously, I’m going to be here a few more years, so I might as well get my shit together. I bought 2 nice area rugs and found my hammers and nails so yes, I put a bunch of holes in the walls.  Pictures behind the read more. What I’m MOST proud of is how much I’ve managed to unpack in the last 4 days.

I’m a packrat and this move was extremely difficult and a wake up call. I’m not getting younger and the fact it took 2 trucks (a 28 footer and a 12 footer) and God knows how many car loads and I still have things at my mom’s, is just too much stuff. At some point, Spawn will get a job and move out (probably when he graduates, I’m guessing 2 years) and I’m going to down-size because at that point, this will be too much house. I’m not doing a huge ass storage unit and all the stuff. I’ve put books in the Goodwill box. Yes, I have. I really do NOT need the biography of Sam Walton, among other things.

Remember this?


The weekend after spring break a year ago, I did this.


And put out my back, thank you very much! SOMEONE promised me a backrub, which I never got, but that’s neither here or there. Just adds to the melancholy.

Either way, I’ve been working on it. A lot this week, in fact. I didn’t think I had done so much until I pulled out the empty boxes to break down.


This is really a huge as pile of emptied boxes.


And yes, as the house is a rental, that means someday, we’re going to move again, probably in different directions. So MOST of the boxes were broken down and re-stored.

Yeah. And now the garage looks like this.


Paths are wider, and the stacks aren’t so high. I’m pleased. Still have a lot more to go. I found 4 more boxes of linens – my goodness, I will never be done with the laundry. I have queen and king sized sheets and I don’t HAVE a queen or king sized bed. It’s going to goodwill. Honest. I also found 3 more boxes labeled ‘bathroom’…. how much soap and lotion can a girl own?

I have a serious problem in I have 3 old fashioned monitors (see that one in the front? There are 2 more in the back.) as well as 3 old computer towers – including our first windows with Windows 95 on it. It has 16K harddrive. And I have a SHITLOAD of floppy discs. With stuff on them. One of the towers has Windows XP. If I can get it hooked up and booted up, I could possible get the stuff on the discs emailed or copied over to a flashdrive…  and because they are so old, Goodwill won’t take them. Anyone have any ideas????

I have rocks. No shit, I have a box of rocks!


What’s worrisome is not only do I not KNOW why I boxed up and stored rocks, I actually put styrofoam popcorn to protect them AND put some in a plastic baggie.

I. Honestly. Do. Not. Know.

I did receive some fairly bad news last week before break. The system is not going to transport much of anything to the new school. We’re getting all new equipment. But no book, paper, materials, nada. We’ve been told to bring home what we’re not using. They are going to transport my instruments. I pitched a fit, but I have a huge storage room, 2 closets and 3 filing cabinets and racks… that are all going to have to come home.

In case you forgot…

Either way, stuff is coming home and BACK into the garage. Soooooo unhappy. I’ve decided the paper in the filing cabinets can stay. I have the ability to scan and email to myself from the school copier. Guess what I’m doing?

But either way, that is the garage, which I’m exceptionally proud of. Hopefully, I’ll get it completely done come the end of summer.

What’s behind the cut is simply some things I’ve done to the house – including my ‘entertainment unit’. I christened it with a Hobbit Marathon. I’ll start LOTR next. I’m burning Berlin Station and other things so I can watch them – Sir Guy on the Big Screen – I can’t wait.


Dining room with the area rug beneath the table. I like it – it warms up the room. I just realized I still have my Christmas chair pads on my chairs. Ooops. IMG_20170323_110501IMG_20170323_103125IMG_20170323_110443 (1)

This is a series of angels my mom bought me… oh…. almost 20 years ago. 3 green, 3 blue and once upon a time 3 burgundy. I seem to have misplaced 2 of the burgundy ones.

I also seem to have a corresponding angel throw blanket. It’s on my comfy chair. Widgette loves it. Thinks it’s hers.



The top one is a cross stitch I did 20 years ago.


I framed it and brought it home and mom said – Oh, I know where that would look perfect and hung it up outside her bedroom. she’s finally allowed me to bring it home… 20 years later.


I find the neatest things at the Dollar Tree. You should see the lighthouse plaques in Spawn’s bathroom!

And… Tah Dah!!!!

family 01

I still have speakers to hook up and Spawn needs to find the controllers and such to the game systems. We have 2 more games NOT set up – the OLD ninetendo and the Sega Genesis. The television is awesome!!!!

Damn, it’s going on 1 AM. I’ll NEVER get up in time…

Oh, one last thing. While rattling around, we discovered a mouse nest made in Spawn’s cradle and a bird’s nest in one of the boxes. When we reached the bottom of the pile, we found a dead bird and it looked like a young one. I suspect he flew down into the boxes and got lost and couldn’t find his way out. I feel bad. Spawn cried. he does do that. Soft hearted soul.