That my head is full of fluff and I don’t have a serious thought in my brain and I never speak up when I should…

Yesterday was spent in a fairly decent blue funk. I went adventuring yesterday morning and tbh, I’m not sure this would be the right move for me if the chance allows itself. I’ve adventured here before. Two years ago in fact. It’s a decent drive and truth is, I wouldn’t really feel the need to move if this trip bears fruit.

I came home and really wasn’t online at all. I spent it laying rugs, hunting nails to hang things. My family room is a wreck. I’ve got the television and things up, but my albums are all over the place. I’ve been unpacking, you see, putting the final touches on my home. Doing the things I should have done last spring break and summer, but didn’t due to reasons.

Mainly, the reason why I was a blue funk. A year ago yesterday, a hurricane entered my life. And I won’t say, I’m left to pick up pieces, more or less as that hurricane gave me the best spring and summer of my life. Instead, I’m returning to a mindset: one of no desire of sharing my life with someone, but simply accepting singleness and being thankful, and grateful, for what I have – a roof over my head, food on the table, the utilities paid, a good doctor, and a place for all of my books and knit and cross stitch and music and movies and my cats. I take care of me quite well, thank you. For those physical needs that are becoming less and less apparent, I have a purple bunny named Richard, who takes care of them.

So needless to say, when I finally got online late last night, I was horrified to hear of London. And as is my wont, I began to pray, before I shook my minuscule and dainty fist at the world. And used language I’m sure The Almighty didn’t appreciate.

So first off, my heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families who were on the wrong end of such hate. May the Good Lord, Gentle Shepherd, and Great Physician, wrap you in his wings and hold you close. May you know His peace that surpasses all understanding.

This was the work of a bully,. In teaching, I’ve discovered, (as well as what I recall when I was in school) most bullies rely on one thing – fear. They rely on the belief that you will fear them too much to push back. I have many British friends. Fear is not in their vocabulary and they have a pretty lethal left hook. Their extended family (including US) are pretty nasty as well when we’re riled. We stand up for family.

I’m not good at this sort of stuff. It angers me. My friends have paid these wonderful homilies and homages and said such wonderful things. I shoot from the hip. Honestly, I’d like to bite someone, but that wouldn’t be prudent and chances are whoever I bite, hasn’t had their shots. Or will taste bad. Meh.

So even though you’re over there and we’re over here, y’all just holler and we’ll be there.

Also, we have long-range missles. *nodnod*