We are safely ensconced back at the family abode – that would be MY family abode! Home with my books and my stuff!

The parents gave us a lovely 32 inch flat screen television so right now, we’re rearrange my cave with the intention of turning it into an honest to goodness family room! We need to pick up a sofa or a couple of recliners but hey! We have it. I also bought a rug for the living room


(There is more green in it than I thought. But that doesn’t matter. We’re going to love it and say it’s gorgeous!)

and one for the dining room. (I’ll post pictures when I get it laid down!) Now I just need 2 for the cave – I’ll do that next time I go home. There is a lovely flea market where I got the 5 x 8 for my dining room and the 3 x 5 for my living room for 45.00. Can’t loose!

I also got a new ‘do!

new do 02

Gorgeous, I ain’t, but I like it!

I know today is Mancandy Monday, but I’m going to post annoying stupidity after this and try to wrangle William Edward or move shit in my cave so we can at least take the television out of the wrapping and set it up. For those who didn’t see, Raising Nemo has been loaded everywhere BUT RAF – (so ffnet, Ao3, and Dreamer) and it will get loaded I’m sure within a few days after I send it to her.

And now, annoying shit.

Rules: answer the question in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Tagged by Fizzy-custard (She didn’t technically tag me but left it open for people to do it if they wish. 🙂 )

a – age: 55

b – birthplace: Washington DC

c – current time: 8:10 pm

d – drink you last had: Coca-Cola. Stuff will KILL me!

e – easiest person to talk to: nfc comics, my bestie Bev, Guylty, and my sister. Oh and Al!

f – favorite song: ‘I nearly forgot my Broken Heart’ – Chris Cornell

g – grossest memory: Recently, I had food poisoning. I woke up vomiting and by the time I got to the bathroom, I had the galloping shits.

h – horror yes or horror no: Nope. Not a fan of horror. Used to love it, but not any more.

i – in love? With Gary Fuller and Sir Guy! Yeah, they don’t really exist, so I figure my old ticker is safe!!!!

j – jealous of people?: Why? I have pretty much everything I need.

k – killed someone?: hehehehehehe

l – love at first sight or should I walk by again: I’ve done the whole ‘love at first sight; and trust me, it’s best to just keep walking..

m – middle name: Something as unpronounceable as my first name.

n – number of siblings: 3

o – one wish: That my son will continue to baffle his cardiologist and live to be 100.

p – person you called last: My mom. We’re home safe!

q – question you’re always asked: ‘Why do you love Richard so much? He would hate you because you’re a Republican!” (I’m not a Republican. I am a CONSERVATIVE! There is a difference! And yes, I get told that more often than you’d like to know!)

r – reason to smile: God blesses me over and over and over even when I”m whining and fussing. Oh and


Now, if THAT don’t make you smile, you’ve got problems!

s – song you sang last: Golden Slumbers. Written by Paul McCartney and sung by Jennifer Hudson. (Sing Soundtrack)

t – time you woke up: About 5 AM

u – underwear color: Pink print

v – vacation destination: Don’t have one yet. Still waiting to see if Spawn is taking summer classes.

w – worst habit: Speaking my mind.

x – x-rays: I’ve had loads; hands, lungs, feet, mammograms

y – your favorite food: Asian and pizza

z – zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

I tag anyone that wants to do it

Here. You made it this far. Have some hotties….


Sorry not sorry



And just because…