I have retreated from my current home town. The St Paddy’s celebration will shut down the town for the entire weekend. Shops and banks are closed because there is NO moving down there. Bay Street was closed as of yesterday morning and River Street was closed by the evening and neither will reopen until Monday! the parking decks were closed! My favorite yarn shop is closed as well. Those people started drinking at 7:30 THIS MORNING (probably started last night!) and it’s rumored they will turn the river green.

So I’m kicking off my spring break from my parents home. We’ll be here until Monday and then I have the entire week to rearrange my family room, do some writing and maybe finish Berlin Station…

do some unpacking.

I’m praying it will warm up. After a mild winter and warm weather for weeks, winter decided to have one last hurrah and all of my budding flowers are dead due to freeze!

So, my niece is here and we’re going to the Varsity for lunch. I know. bad bad bad not for the diet.

Oh wait… Guy Day….